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04 Nov 2013

ClearSkies First Encrypted Sync

Today was the first transfer of a file through ClearSkies over the internet over an encrypted connection. Even though you wouldn't know if I didn't show you, here is the image that was synced:


Next up I will be working towards the first release.

FFI and GNUTLS Issues

It took longer than expected to get GNUTLS integrated, but in the end it was just a pointer that I thought I was supposed to manage, and GNUTLS thought that it should manage. This caused heap corruption and random crashes, which made it hard to track down. However, valgrind picked up on it right away.

For reference, here is the command used to find the problem:

valgrind --partial-loads-ok=yes --undef-value-errors=no ruby test/gnutls.rb

The partial-loads-ok and undef-value-errors are needed because ruby has some aggressive optimizations that normal programs wouldn't have, which trigger unnecessary warnings.

Also of note, it wasn't until I had the related *-dbg packages installed that the stack traces were actually useful.